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Dinosaur world

The existing dinosaurs combined with the colorful light environment to create an ancient dinosaur world.

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Around the world

The lantern production process to restore the most representative of the world's famous scenic spots, such as the United States Goddess of Liberty, Mount President, Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Netherlands windmill, etc., but also added the ghost festival elements, so that the lantern show more interesting.


Animal paradise

Using the artistic production method of colored lights to restore many kinds of animals, but also to achieve the role of popular science, elephants, giraffes, brown bears, crocodiles, reindeer and other dozens of animals some in the grass to eat, some scattered in the woods, some playing in the pool, coupled with the rendering of the environment, restore the beautiful nature.

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Dream ocean

Put the animals of the sea and land together, and combine the original pond of the site to create a dream ocean area. Beautiful jellyfish, lovely small fish, huge whales, sparkling shells, etc., highlight the beautiful and dream atmosphere of the ocean area.


Activities and sales

Various activities and sales can be carried out in this area to gather popularity.

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Super shock

The overall visual effect will be the traditional lighting festival of the lively combination full of modern fashion science and technology sense based on the addition of lighting performance, while configuring sound, lighting. Achieve dynamic performance effects such as lighting, music rhythm, pattern display and interaction, and create a three-dimensional, immersive, all-dimensional carnival Party.



Add diversified interactive elements, break away from the casual experience of the lantern fair, and set up multiple online celebrity punch points to increase playability and entertainment.

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Trend sense

Combining the most popular new scientific and technological elements, in the tradition of innovation, for the lantern show to bring cool, international fashion spiritual and cultural life.

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