Manufacturing Capacity

Strong production, installation, maintenance team:

We are equipped with technical directors, great beauty, sculptors, stylers, fitters, welders, spray workers, electricians, framing workers, artists, painters, mold workers, each work is responsible for different processes. As the saying goes, in order to do a good job in the process must be a professional team to complete, wisdom you choose us is the wise choice.

Tailor-made lanterns and landscape sculptures of various sizes for customers; Can design and install at home. Personalized door to door service.

Strong planning and design team: free to provide customers with exclusive latest and most complete design solutions, issued the most intuitive renderings.

We advocate creating value for customers, scientific management, reducing losses, and saving unnecessary costs for customers as much as possible, so we also have absolute price advantages (the same quality than price, than service).

Solemn commitment: the national leading technology level, As long as there is a picture can be made! We can design the lighting program for free according to the needs of customers, and we can go to the local site construction as long as you provide the site.