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Global Creative Light Show Tour 2.0

Through our company's light show design and planning services, we offer professional personnel installation services aimed at creating captivating light shows for commercial environments. The goal is to attract more foot traffic, enhance the overall business value of the district. This not only contributes to generating direct ticket revenue for various global attractions but also facilitates additional sales revenue through the promotion and sale of related tourism products during events.

Our services go beyond just light show design and planning; we also provide a dedicated installation team to ensure the successful implementation of the project. With this comprehensive approach, we are committed to offering our clients an all-encompassing solution to elevate the attractiveness and competitiveness of their commercial spaces.

Feel free to explore more about our light show services on our website and learn how this innovative solution can add value to your business and attractions.


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Project Overview

Based on existing resources, we will increase the depth of our layout, expand across the board, and strive to develop new market shares.

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Team Composition

The combination of online and offline teams, exhibition and service combination, starting from the analysis of needs, create a complete and high-quality team.

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Market Analysis

Start by analyzing competing products, explore different market areas, and create new exhibition services.

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Investment Plan

Comprehensively analyze cost budgets, risk assessments, recovery and withdrawal methods, improve investment plans, ensuring investment safety.

01 Project Overview

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What is Light Show Tour 2.0

A new exhibition method derived from existing light festivals, light shows, and lantern carnivals, combining themed light shows, interactive immersive photo spot, themed story performances (small stage science dramas, etc.), traditional light group exhibitions, themes and small merchandise peripherals It is a comprehensive night tour project that integrates sales, food and Chinese specialty product sales.

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Technological Reform

Find the advantages and disadvantages of the existing National Light Festival, Lighting Exhibition and other methods to carry out technological innovation to achieve design innovation, which is more suitable for the characteristics of "moving, transportation, arrangement and dismantling". Starting from the creative characteristics, we conduct research and development and design for the market, and provide new exhibitions that are more "viewing, photographing, interactive, and educational".

Business Interaction

Proceed from the local level and provide more business solicitation and cooperation; Food trucks, shops, naming rights, commercial cooperation performances, etc. provide unique shop decorations and sell unique event products (including self-developed IP).

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Expand Sales

1. Expand ticket sales methods, participatory, voting, and free for a limited time. 2. Expand sales content, in addition to tickets, add sales areas to provide derivatives sales, food and household product sales areas 3. Do a good job in new media construction, use QR code scanning, public accounts, and official websites to collect customer information and finally use it as private domain traffic to provide support for subsequent home services.

01 Tour 2.0

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How to configure a traveling exhibition

First of all, we need to search and research the scenic spots, zoos, botanical gardens, farms, etc. that are suitable as exhibition bases, and negotiate for in-depth cooperation and year-round cooperation. Important requirements are (warehouse and production space) Secondly, based on transportation routes and population movements, we plan 6-12 months of multi-location exhibitions to calculate annual transportation costs. Then the final recycling warehouse is implemented for product recycling, storage and maintenance, waiting to enter the secondary market. United States-Europe-Southeast Asia

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01 Project Logic

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How to determine the long-term and sustainable development of the project

● The cost budget is controllable. From team establishment, design and planning, business cooperation, transportation and exhibition, to return to warehouse, all costs can be evaluated through theoretical research and experience, with an error rate of no more than ±10%.
● The overall layout of online and offline uses the light show exhibition as the frontline for attracting fans and displaying the image, and ultimately obtains target customers based on families. In each event, we fully use the special craftsmanship of the Lantern Festival to decorate the online supply products we can provide, followed by household products oriented to family needs, and finally absorb them into our own traffic, continuing to provide them with our advantageous special products. Products such as Christmas lights, small commodities, etc.
● In the basic exhibition, a strong symbolic IP is gradually formed to establish a basic reputation for the future brand and achieve a highly anticipated brand exhibition event that is sure to be popular at every exhibition.

02 Team Work

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Planning Department

Responsible for the company's overall operational direction, strategic deployment and planning, and coordinating the collaboration of various departments; composed of department heads and the company's general manager.

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Marketing Department

Responsible for all market business docking; Market development; event planning; investment promotion; venue negotiation, etc.;
The key work content is preliminary venue negotiation, data collection, market analysis and event planning.
In the later stage, it will mainly integrate online sales, pre-sales and after-sales, offline event planning, customer service and other work.

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Technology Department

Responsible for the design of all lighting products; Brand Design; Online website and tweet design; Design work such as posters, development letters, postcards and store advertisements.

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Engineering Department

Responsible for the specific implementation of the entire project, including product production, transportation, installation, maintenance, dismantling, etc.
In the early stage, you need to assist designers and artists in product development and innovative production.
In the later stage, new issues need to be continuously fed back during the construction process to improve the product.

02 Decision-making Department

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Responsible for all design work related to product design, including graphic design, construction, typesetting, etc., and responsible for all designs such as website promotions, posters, postcards, project location posters, etc.;

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The managers of the marketing department, engineering department, design department, finance department and other departments are the main personnel, providing a sufficient working environment for discussion. New projects and new challenges require all departments to work together to find the best way to develop.

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Supervise the work of each department, master the work content, receive and visit high-level customers, arrange KPI work, recruit talents, raise funds, etc.

02 Marketing Department

● Market research: Responsible for the negotiation of project sites and cooperation details; Responsible for planning the scale of the exhibition venue and preliminary exhibition planning; Responsible for researching crowd flow data, past exhibition data, surrounding exhibition data, transportation and other necessary exhibition conditions. Various preliminary data are temporarily omitted...
● Business Cooperation: Responsible for negotiating shop, naming, venue cooperation, etc.; Responsible for connecting temporary workers, sanitation, traffic control, fire protection, etc.; Responsible for overall ticket sales.
● Project planning: Through site inspection, we will make a complete event planning around the project site and comprehensively lay out transportation, circulation, services, activities, etc. Conduct in-depth planning of sales methods, publicity methods, and event content.
● Product sales: Responsible for the comprehensive marketing of small commodities, snacks, toys, IP, etc.; Responsible for the establishment, maintenance and sales of the online sales section of the website. Responsible for short videos, soft articles, event planning projects, etc.

02 Technology Department

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Product Design

Responsible for all design work related to product design, including graphic design, construction, typesetting, etc., and responsible for all designs such as website promotions, posters, postcards, project location posters, etc.;

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Planning Department

Responsible for the company’s original IP product development; Responsible for the design and application of the company's online image and various marketing department needs.

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Design Coordination

Make full use of your own departmental liaison role to provide convenient assistance between the Marketing Department and the Engineering Department, participate in the specific design work between the two departments for the project, dispatch site inspections, and design the integration of lantern festival products and sites.

02 Engineering Department

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Talent Development

Provide construction personnel reserves and supply chain establishment efforts.

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Research Base

Provide specific construction work for product development.

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Provide product production, transportation, installation, dismantling and other specific project work.

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After-sales Maintenance

Cooperate with the marketing department to complete the delivery and after-sales work of online sales products.

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Personnel Support

Cooperate with the marketing department and design department to conduct project inspections.

03 Competitive Product Analysis

Joint Venture Model

Competing product manufacturers often conduct project sales through joint venture models; For example, it cooperates with zoos and botanical gardens to provide products and then ticket sharing model.

Competitive Product Scale

According to news reports and exchanges with some industry insiders, there should be 5-7 companies specializing in lantern exhibitions in the United States. Due to different circumstances of each company, the scale varies, but the annual sales of the largest company are about 25 million US dollars; The highest daily sales are around US$150,000

Activity Interpretation

Through cooperation with some outdoor performing arts shows, after some performances are over, you can have a lantern viewing exhibition. Cooperate with some food stalls to get more disguised income.

Competitive Advantage

It has been deeply involved in the field of global touring exhibitions for a long time, has huge financial support, and also has the same scale of productivity and design capabilities. Its market layout has basically taken shape and has mature regular exhibitions.

03 Market Analysis

From the perspective of the global economic environment and future development trends, the United States, as the most developed country in the world, will The consumption power and spiritual needs are much higher than other countries, so we are in this market Something that can make a difference.
Due to the epidemic, more and more American families are getting used to or accepting online shopping, so our derivatives and small parts products for home decoration or layout will be promoted into American families through exhibitions and sales in the form of comprehensive shopping service websites.
Through the touring light show, we will gradually create high-quality IP business cards as a representative event of the national touring exhibition. We also provide concepts of interpretation, science popularization, and entertainment, so that they can gain positive reputation among single families and lay out our online sales products.

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03 Secondary Market

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Pattern Copy

Copy the projects that can be done well in the United States to other Western and even Southeast Asian tourist countries. Including roadshows and online sales.

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Secondary Market

Re-maintain the products that have been used many times and export them to the periphery of the United States at a reduced cost.

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Government Projects

Just like exhibitions, we combine our advantages in LED/CNC/special-shaped processing/iron art/simulation/lantern festival modeling to provide government nighttime lighting engineering services or subcontract supply services in the global market.

03 Market Size Expected (U.S.)

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National Lantern Festival Exhibition Ticket Revenue Expectations

Estimated output value: US$50 million (full year) It is conservatively estimated that there will be 80 games in the United States throughout the year, with 30,000 people per game, and a single person price of 20 US dollars.

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Other Commodity Income

Estimated revenue of US$12 million A total of 2.4 million visitors per month, with an average consumption of 5 yuan per person

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Other Income

Including sponsorship, naming, event performances and other commercial income Estimated value is US$5 million.

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Our Estimated Share

Estimated output value: US$1.8 million (full year) It is conservatively estimated that there will be 3 games in the United States throughout the year, with 30,000 people per game, and a single person price of 20 US dollars.

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Other Commodity Income

Estimated cost: US$450,000 A total of 90,000 visitors, with an average consumption of 5 yuan per person

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Other Income

Including sponsorship etc. operate according to our market Estimated revenue of $100,000

04 Fund Flow

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Fund Preparation

Estimated initial funding is US$400,000

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Fund Allocation

Team building and platform building--100,000 Product production and transportation, set-up and dismantling--200,000 Other miscellaneous expenses--100,000

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Project Begining

Estimated revenue from the first game is US$500,000-800,000 The second game is expected to earn 500,000-800,000 US dollars. The third game is expected to earn 500,000-800,000 US dollars. An additional investment of US$400,000 is expected.

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Estimated Revenue

Estimated revenue in the first year is US$1-1.6 million An additional investment of US$400,000 is expected

04 Risk Control

How To Effectively Control Risks

1. Comprehensive market research and establishment of a network platform as early as possible in the early stage. First invest funds in market research, network construction and publicity. Develop markets and attract funds.
2. Make strategic adjustments based on market research. You can flexibly choose a conservative joint venture model or invest independently.
3. Use new methods, new products, and new models in production technology as much as possible to provide efficiency while reducing production and transportation costs.

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Make Warehousing And Transportation Planning

The biggest basic guarantee for a lantern show is to have warehousing, mature logistics capabilities or partners.

Make Good Product Selection And Promotion

Looking at the lantern touring exhibition from another dimension, it will ultimately be a first-line platform for us to promote our online products to all audiences (based on unique IP derivatives), so as to increase customer stickiness and sustainable development. Development in disguise.

04 Increase One's Attractiveness

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Corporate Vision

Provide corporate direction instructions at the appropriate time to create a comprehensive project that integrates exhibitions, sales, and online remarketing, and provide external financing.

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Hot Marketing

Establish a brand image and create a popular project to provide a comfortable, fast and convenient night tour project for families and young people, so that all friends can be cared for and remember us.

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Increase Innovation Capabilities

Use the diversity and plasticity of lanterns to improve the innovation ability of the project, allowing tourists to experience the latest night tour interactive projects and lead the most fashionable show.

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