CEO: Jack Gao

The founder of Huayicai and the inventor of novel material. Using novel materials, the lanterns can be used outdoors for one year without fading, and indoors for up to 10 years. Da Gao, has been engaged in landscape lighting industry since graduating from University, has gathered a team for the Lantern Festival with strong combat and executive power in Zigong, Sichuan Provincc. Due to the introduction of modern management, traditional lanterns radiate the most brilliant light. Huayicai company has been growing and achieved proud results,which has won hundreds of thousands of value of Lantern projects, and later millions of Lantern projects, and even exceeded tens of millions of value. Taiyuan 3D lighting project costs 20 million CNY. Under his Icadership, the tcam went abroad and visited the world. In Dubai global villagc of the United Arab Emirates, Dano of Thailand, Penang of Malaysia, Singapore, Toronto of Canada, Uzbekistan and many other lantern projects have won praise from overseas and made modest efforts to practice the cultural confidence proposed by the country.

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