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Our fiberglass sculptures have the following features

Harbour City Christmas (12)
Harbour City Christmas (14)


Realistic image

The details of the facial features are exquisite, the degree of simulation is high, the details of the body shape are exquisite, and they are full of agility and look lifelike.

Harbour City Christmas (8)
Harbour City Christmas (9)


Use outdoor special paint

Three layers of paint are sprayed on the front and back, and the external surface is treated with gloss. The surface of the product is bright and impurity-free, not easy to fade, and the color is bright.



Each product is hand-shaped by engravers and painted with high-quality pigments to highlight your taste and texture.

Harbour City Christmas (10)
Harbour City Christmas (10)


Environmentally friendly fiberglass

It is not easy to deform or deteriorate over time, so it is a safe and secure choice.


Carefully crafted

Lean ball essence, demonstrating superior quality

Each product is carefully hand-sculpted by the designer

Harbour City Christmas (11)

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