What types of lanterns are there? What kind of moral?

The types of lanterns include dragon lanterns, palace lanterns, gauze lanterns, flower basket lanterns, dragon and phoenix lanterns, angular lanterns, tree ground lanterns, ceremony lanterns, mushroom lanterns, etc.

Lanterns are usually divided into chandeliers, seat lamps, wall lamps, and lanterns. Combined with paper-cutting, calligraphy and painting, poetry and other decorations, it is also a traditional folk handicraft. The types of lanterns include dragon lanterns, palace lanterns, gauze lanterns, flower basket lanterns, dragon and phoenix lanterns, corner lanterns, tree ground lanterns, ritual lanterns, mushroom lanterns, etc.

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Features of lanterns: 1. In the hands of folk performers, it develops, prospers and innovates in folk customs. Its materials, craftsmanship, colors, and styles often give people the impression of folklore. 2. Collectiveness: Lanterns are very famous folk handicrafts. Lantern Festival and Lantern Festival are also arts to please the public, and are deeply loved by the public, and their collective nature is their key feature. 3. Production process: In the production process of Lantern Festival, welding, binding, mounting, cutting, painting, spraying and other processes are mixed together, which has the beauty of craftsmanship. 4. Comprehensiveness: The visual elements of the Lantern Festival integrate sculpture, calligraphy and painting, stage art, and costume art, and are quite influential art types today. 5. Ceremonial: Lantern Festival is to respond to the needs of castle decoration. The arrival of the Lantern Festival is the result of embellishing peace. Modern lanterns are still mainly used for lantern festivals, festivals and celebrations. 6. Appreciation: It has strong aesthetic, interesting, and children's intellectual development functions.

The accumulation of popularity is the basis of happiness, and aesthetics and taste are the elements of happiness. The modern lantern art has gradually deviated from the traditional lantern practice, creating works of art with a unique local flavor. Its creation is very difficult, the techniques incorporated are relatively complex, and the materials drawn are relatively broad and vivid. The creation of modern lanterns must combine: structure, mechanics, electricity, aesthetics, material science and other disciplines and creativity, which is the greatest of all artistic creations.

Lanterns are an ancient light fixture as early as the Tang Dynasty in the 8th century BC, there are records of the reasons for the use of lanterns. The custom of watching lanterns on the Lantern Festival originated in the early Han Dynasty, but there are also legends that the emperors of the Tang Dynasty lit lanterns at the Shangyang Palace on the Lantern Festival to celebrate peace, and then tied the lanterns to match the flashing lights, symbolizing the auspiciousness, wealth and strength of the colorful dragons.

Colorful paintings on lanterns can not only create colorful visual effects, but also often convey the relationship between man and nature and the best wishes for life. Under the illumination of the lights, the colorful colors painted by the lanterns filled the hall like a peacock spreading its tail. The magical colors in the room created a dreamlike realm, heralding good luck and wealth at the beginning of the new year. In ancient times, lanterns could play a certain lighting role. Nowadays, lanterns gradually occupy an important position in home decoration. Lanterns combine painting, paper cutting, paper binding, weaving and other handicrafts. Lanterns are closely related to the common people. There are lanterns everywhere in temples and living rooms.

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