The Inheritance of Traditional Lantern Craft

As an ancient and mysterious Chinese nation, we have a history of more than 5,000 years of inheritance. During these 5,000 years, our ancestors have left us a lot of precious wealth through their own wisdom. Various festivals, various cultures, various skills, four great inventions...etc., but among so many wealth, there is one that is worthy of our understanding, because from it we can see the changes of our country , Dynasties changed, and modern times changed from weak to strong. That is the lantern.

Lantern is an ancient traditional folk handicraft in China. Paper is used as the outsourcing part of the whole lantern. The fixed frame is usually made of pruned bamboo or wooden strips, and candles are placed in the middle again to become a lighting tool. In ancient times, through the wisdom of the ancients, on the basis of ordinary lanterns, moving hands with magic power and rich imagination, it became a handicraft lamp.

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Lantern is a relatively traditional folk handicraft of the Chinese nation,It has made indelible contributions to the development of traditional culture. Now our country has included lanterns in the protection list of intangible cultural heritage.

In 1989, the lanterns went abroad and played in Singapore, which opened the prelude to overseas exhibitions. For more than 30 years, the lanterns have traveled all over the world and have been loved by audiences at home and abroad. Demonstrates the culture of our great country.

Whether it is abroad or at home, lanterns can attract the attention of the crowd every time they are exhibited. In the 2021 large-scale lantern exhibition in the Golden Beach Beer City in Qingdao West Coast New Area, nine groups of large-scale lanterns in the city were lit at the same time, and each of them surprised people. Incomparably, the zodiac year of the ox is shaped like a "bullish" arch light group, with a height of eight meters, mainly for the year of the ox in 2021. The abstract ox head channel cleverly combines red elements with the red lanterns next to it, which makes people admire and feel The collision of modern technology and traditional cultural elements. The lantern producer of this lantern show is Huayicai Company. On the basis of maintaining traditional cultural elements, it also combines modern technology to present a modern, international, technological and traditional elemental interior and appearance. The company's serious attitude towards customers and meticulous spirit in the production of lanterns, whether it is from the scene layout or the design of the lanterns, it can be seen that Huayicai Landscape Company's intentions for this lantern festival have received unanimous praise from inside and outside the industry.

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, modern lanterns are also different from traditional lanterns. Huayicai Company adheres to the traditional culture and the purpose of serving customers first, and has been praised in the industry for its fair price. The company provides one-stop The whole process of service is personalized to ensure the needs of customers, not only in China, but also in overseas countries, such as Chinatown in Europe and the United States and so on.

During the period of foreign exhibitions, it has received admiration from many foreign people. Let them have a different understanding of the mysterious oriental culture.

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The design of modern lanterns embodies the traditional style of our Chinese nation, and also includes the characteristics of both refined and popular tastes. While satisfying the public's visual experience, people have a deep understanding of traditional culture. After the experience of masks in the past two years, my country's economy is growing. Slowly recovering, holding lantern festivals can drive the development of the cultural market, entertainment market, food market, etc. In temple fairs, night markets, lantern festivals have become a bright star embellished, driving the development of the local economy. Enterprise-oriented companies, during large-scale exhibitions, achieve the purpose of corporate publicity by customizing lanterns that suit the enterprise.

Lanterns, in this prosperous and prosperous age, can highlight the obvious festive national atmosphere during holidays. As more and more foreign people come to our country to travel, lanterns can better spread the traditional culture of our country.

Post time: Nov-10-2023